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Sega 18 Wheeler Pro American Trucker

Big Rig's

People pass this by because it’s a truck game, but it has beautiful graphics and a well planned out gameplay. It’s not the most exciting game but worth playing with its kick-ass sub to help give great depth to the sound.
We've recently treate the bench part to a full strip down and re powder coat, as it had previously been hand sprayed and starting to look poor.

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See our pricing below. Sunday SEN sessions run from 10 am to 11 am with reduced volume and reducing lighting.


  • Under 10yr (1 Hour)
    Must Have Over 16Yr For Supervision
  • Under 10yr (1.5 Hour)
    Must Have Over 16Yr For Supervision
  • Adults (1 Hour)
    Over 10 Yrs
  • Adults (1.5 Hour)
    Over 10 Yrs
  • SEN Sundays 10am-11am
    Flat Fee Per Person

Big Wheel, Little Turns

It can take a while to get familiar with 18 Wheeler the steering is completely opposite to that of Ridge Racer where you can turn full locks and do it quickly. 18 Wheelers key is slow and steady at the wheel to see you through to the next level

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Opening Hours

Booking online recommended to resverve your space and pay on arrival. Drinks & Snacks also available.

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    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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