LordsVale 4 Slot NeoGeo

Lordsvale Leisure 2000 Cabinet

This is a great cabinet its small probably one of our smallest woody cabinets, but it still weighs enough.

We’ve put new Suzo Happ buttons & switches in as it was a bit of a mix of colours, but we’ve left the original joysticks in as they are still like new.

We nearly lost this cabinet and this is something we will now always check. Make sure the monitor has 4 bolts present and 4 tightened up nuts. Ours had the bolts in but only one nut, it’s now secure and the cabinet can be moved safely.

Neo Geo 4 Slot
Choice of 4 Games
Lordsvale Cabinet

Our Thoughts

Leisure 200 Lordsvale With Neo Geo 4 Slot

LordsVale Style 4 Slot NeoGeo

A classic arcade cabinet brand in Leisure 2000 but in a design not often seen out in the wild and sought after.

The Neo Geo 4 Slot board allows us to run 4 games in one cabinet without having to swap anything over its all done via the central black button.

Temco Football is actually a pretty good game it’s just tricky to get the basics right the first time.


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