Our Arcade Cabinets & Games

From Jamma To Dedicated

Our cabinets have come from all over the UK, We’ve got Strike Fighter & Ridge Racer that have come from ex-operators in the industry right down to our little New Net City which has been lovely restored.

All our cabinets are running there original hardware and screens which is vital to giving that arcade feel.

Driving Games

Multi Player Sit Down Cabinets

Jamma Cabinets


New Wave Arcade
8 Westgate
North Yorkshire

A friendly arcade offering a game for everyone, Consoles, PC’s & Arcade Cabinets

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01765 609002

Got a question drop us a message or email rory@newwavearcade.co.uk

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Opening Times

Monday : 4pm – 6pm
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : 4pm – 6pm
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 4pm – 7pm
Saturday : 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm (10am- 11am Quiet Hour)

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