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Big Buck Hunter Pro

Back From The Dead

One of our more interesting stories comes with Big Buck Hunter Pro. We bought this along with Power Putt, but as a non-working cabinet.

Being PC based inside, we were pretty confident we could fix it. Firstly when it arrived, it didn’t do anything, this was due to the PC forgetting the boot order of the HDDs, with a new battery installed we managed to get it to the loading screen where it promptly stopped. We used the restore discs supplied by a friend in the repair side of arcade gaming which then saw the game up and working, only without sound. We ended up buying another identical Dell PC to go inside.

Two new 29″ shotguns were required as well, as the current ones where pretty battered and falling to bits in places.

Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade
New Wave Arcade


Our Video Of Big Buck Hunter

In true southern style grab a shotgun and let's go huntin'


See our pricing below. Sunday SEN sessions run from 10 am to 11 am with reduced volume and reducing lighting.


  • Under 10yr (1 Hour)
    Must Have Over 16Yr For Supervision
  • Under 10yr (1.5 Hour)
    Must Have Over 16Yr For Supervision
  • Adults (1 Hour)
    Over 10 Yrs
  • Adults (1.5 Hour)
    Over 10 Yrs
  • SEN Sundays 10am-11am
    Flat Fee Per Person

Highly Addictive

Big Buck Hunter is a hugely popular game with a cult following showing up to the annual Big Buck Hunter World Championships, offering large cash prizes.
If you want to be Ripon's top video game shooter you'll need to get your eye in and memorize where the animals come from

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