Sega GunBlade NY

Straight From A Collector

Originally brought into the world & operated by the United Distributing Company from London this was then put into private home use.
Before we purchased the cabinet it came from a smaller operator who ideally wanted to keep the cabinet, but due to it’s bulkier size needed to move it on.

Our Gunblade NY has both guns fully working with a fantastic intense recoil action. It’s also rare to find these machines as well stickered up as ours. It is common to see a high percentage of decals missing, from full side art on the base of the cabinet to decals around the screen.

Sega released GunBlade NY in two different cabinet styles, the compact style which we have or the Deluxe version which came with a 50″ Rear Projection TV.

2 Player Shoot’em-up
1995 Release
Sega Model 2 Hardware

Our Thoughts

Sega GunBlade NY

Sega GunBlade NY

A classic 2 person shooter, one of the first to feature this style of on-rails shooting on a pre-determined path.
Having working recoils on the guns really makes this game something else.


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