Sega Net City

Net City Cabinet

This sit down cabinet is fully restored having been fully powder-coated, a low burn flat screen CRT monitor and new decals and control panel.
Net City cabinets usually make their way over from Japan where they are still in daily use in the Japanese arcades.

Our Net City only travelled 30 miles to get to us from its home life in Castleford. Its hardly been used and is still in immaculate condition.
We currently run games on rotation on this cabinet, Dead or Alive 2 & Virtua Tennis, both of which can be single or 2 player games.

2 Player Sit Down Cabinet
Fully Restored
Choice Of Games

Our Thoughts

Sega Net City Cabinet

Sega Net City

One of our nicest cabinets but only because it’s had a full restoration carried out on it.
Its as Sega claimed “Universal” in the fact you can put a huge range of games into the Naomi 1 hardware within the cabinet and play away happily.


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